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This blog is intended to be to a place for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other adults, that have children they regularly visit with, to get information on what movies, TV shows, books, comics and toys are appropriate. How often have you gone to the theatre to watch a movie or rented one and found the content inappropriate due to language, violence or being just a little to scary for the child? Its happened to me many times. I want to help you avoid that.

To often reviews of movies and TV shows are written by adults for adults, not by parents for other parents focusing on how a child would see it and what a child would think about it. The reviews that will be posted here are from the viewpoint of a father of a tween daughter, a teenage step-son and a toddler, and will let you know if the movie, book, toy or whatever is OK to watch or read or play with.

I welcome comments on the reviews or suggestions for topics.

Who am I?

I am a self-professed nerd and fit many of the sterotypes. I enjoy watching movies, playing videogames, reading comics books. But I spend a lot of my time doing those things with my kids. So the movies I tend to watch are for young kids, with an emphasis on Fairies, Super-Heroes, Transformers, Star Wars, and other popular properties. We watch TV together, mostly the kids channel and play some board and video games together.


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