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Movie Review – Despicable Me 2 July 15, 2013

Posted by hatlentore in Movies, New Releases.

I had the chance to watch this movie on opening weekend and was pleased and how well the sequel turned out. The movie picks up some months (maybe a year) after the first film ends. Gru has gone legit and it now a father to the three girls he adopted in the first film and is a business owner making jams and jellies.

Early in the film he is recruited to join the Anti-Villain League in trying to save the world. Well, recruited isn’t quite the word. He’s kidnapped and asked to help out. He reluctantly joins up and heads on to find out who has stolen a top secret formula. Along the way, he uncovers who stole the formula, falls in love and saves the world.

There are as many laughs and gags in this film as there was in the first. However, the minions have a great role and almost steal the show. They have become more then just sight gags and fart jokes, they have become a big part of the movie and even will be getting their own spin-off movie coming up this winter.

Is It Right For Kids: Oh Yes! This is a funny movie that all kids should enjoy. There might be a few tense moments and some scenes that they might get a little scared at but over all, I think this is a great film for kids and for the adults that will take them. Don’t just drop them at the theater, get a ticket, some popcorn and join them.





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