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Graphic Novel Review – Mermin from Oni Press March 9, 2013

Posted by hatlentore in Comics/Graphics Novels, Review.


Mermin Book One: Out of Water

Story and illustrations by Joey Weiser

From: Oni Press

On the back cover:

“MERMIN the MERMAN from MER!?” That’s the question Pete and his friends ask after finding
the fish-boy washed up on the beach! Mermin just escaped the undersea kingdom of Mer, and is
ready to have some fun on dry land! But why would this aquatic kid be afraid to swim? Perhaps it
has something to do with the fishy pursuers who have followed him from the depths below!


The story opens with Mermin waking up on the beach being stared at by 3 kids. He’s happy to have escaped from the Kingdom of Mer. He fights off a shark and is offered a place to stay with one of the kids. Mermin tries to fit in with the other kids and even attends school with them. However, he just doesn’t seem to fit in very well and gets into some trouble with the principal and teachers. He’s been followed to dry land by 3 mysterious fishes that seem intent on capturing him and bringing him back to the sea. While they track him down, Mermin and his human friends have a few problems of their own as Mermin tries to fit in. Eventually, the three pursuers catch up to him and attempt to bring him home. However, Mermin wants nothing to do with it and battle breaks out on the piers and endangers his friends.

I like this book for the simple story telling with out to much extra stuff. The story progresses nicely and logically if you think of Mermin like a new kid in the neighbourhood and he’s trying to fit in. Sure he’s not human but he’s still a kid and just wants to fit in and have fun. The illustrations are cute but expressive. They convey the right kinds of emotions and sense of movement. At times, it’s like reading a newspaper comic-strip but one of the good ones.

Is it Right for Kids? Sure is. this is an all ages book that will entertain kids and will also be enjoyable for adults that read it. I would recommend it for kids 10 and under. Older kids might find it a slow read but could still enjoy it.



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